Booking Form Display Issue

Sometimes, the booking form might look like the picture below. This happens when you wrap the BUP shortcodes with “pre” tags.       Just edit the booking form page and make sure that the BUP shortcode is clean, you can check it by clicking on the HTML tab,

Booking Form

[bupro_appointment]   This Shortcode displays the Appointment form in your website. It includes some useful options.   Options: OPTIONS DEFAULT ALTERNATIVES VERSION staff_id NULL Any user ID Paid service_id NULL any service ID you have created. Paid category_ids NULL any category ID(s) separate by commas you want to display in the service drop/down list displayed in the booking form. Paid form_id NULL any form ID you have created with the.. Read More

Booking Form By Location

The Booking form can be displayed only if you’ve already created your locations and you’ve assigned staff members to your locations. AllĀ  you have to do is creating a new page for your location. That can be done by clicking on WP Pages – Add new. Just input a page’s title and add the BUP shortcode. You can copy/paste the booking shortcode from the locations module. As you can see.. Read More

How to Activate the Front-End Booking Form?

The booking form for you clients can be displayed by using one shortocode. Click on WP Pages – Add New and include the booking form. Then visit the page you’ve created, you will see the following booking form: