Booking Form


This Shortcode displays the Appointment form in your website. It includes some useful options.


staff_idNULLAny user IDPaid
service_idNULLany service ID you have created.Paid
category_idsNULLany category ID(s) separate by commas you want to display in the service drop/down list displayed in the booking form.Paid
form_idNULLany form ID you have created with the Forms Module.Paid
location_idNULLAny location ID you have created with the Locations Module.Paid
redirect_urlNULLAny URL you would like to take users right after the booking confirmation.Paid
field_legendsyesThis will hide the field legends, the last step of the booking form will look much more reduced. Placeholders are displayed. Click here to see an example. The options are yes or noAll Versions
placeholdersyesYou can remove the placeholder text from the booking form with this option. The options are yes or noAll versions

Example 1 :

Example 2 :

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